Cisco Ccnp Certification Faq

Cisco Ccnp Certification Faq

Cisco Ccnp Certification Faq

To earn your CCNP, you need to pass some extremely rigorous Cisco exams, so you want to know the guidelines regarding this important certification. In this post, I’ll answer many of the most commonly asked queries regarding the CCNP.

Q: What examinations do I have to move to get my CCNP?

A: You possess two choices, a three-exam route and a four-exam route. Currently, the four-exam route consists of rigorous examinations on advanced routing methods (BSCI), advanced switching (BCMSN), remote access strategies (BCRAN), and advanced troubleshooting methods (CIT). The three-exam route combines the BCMSN and BSCI examinations into a single test, the Composite exam.

Q: Do I must take them in virtually any order?

A: No, the purchase is up to the applicant. Most CCNP applicants take the BSCI test initial and the CIT test last, but again that is up to the applicant.

Q: What else perform I must do to have the CCNP?

A: You need to earn your CCNA before you be CCNP certified (in addition to passing the examinations, of course).

Q: Will there be a recertification requirement?

A: Cisco CCNP certifications are valid for 3 years. During that period, you must either move the Composite test, the BSCI and BCMSN examinations, or move any CCIE written test.

Q: What if I actually don’t recertify within the three-year period?

A: You need to then match whatever CCNP requirements there are in that time, right from the start. It’s easier to be sure you recertify!

Becoming CCNP authorized is a superb boost to your job as well as your confidence, and much like any Cisco certification, it’s your decision to remain current with the CCNA and CCNP requirements. Go to the Career Certification portion of Cisco’s website frequently to understand about the program’s requirements and adjustments.

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